Orlando Deportation Lawyer

The threat of being forced to leave the United States shakes the foundation of your life, your job, home, your family life and all of the steps you have taken to become a lawful resident are all in jeopardy. If you have been thrown into deportation proceedings, the Immigration lawyers at Williams Legal can help you.

You have been notified of your potential deportation via a Notice to Appear (also referred to as an Order to Show Cause), which details your alleged violations of immigration law. Do you know what step to take next? The Office of Williams Legal will instruct and defend you at each hearing.

One of the most common deportation proceedings is Removal of Permanent Residents.

Our skilled attorneys can move to cancel a permanent resident's removal if:
• You were a lawful resident for at least five years
• You resided in the U.S. continuously for seven years after being lawfully admitted to the U.S. with a legitimate status
• You were not convicted of an aggravated felony.

Other tactics we use to prevent deportation include:
• Cancellation of Removal for Non-Lawful Permanent Residents
• Adjustment of Status (attaining a green card)
• Asylum
• Convention Against Torture(C.A.T.)
• Voluntary Departure

The biggest hindrance to a successful immigration case is if you have committed a serious crime. The U.S. uses deportation as its biggest defense against non-citizens who have committed an aggravated felony, as it is not in the U.S.'s jurisdiction to imprison them.

Do not back down when your deportation hangs in the balance. Call Williams Legal for a free legal consultation at 866-258-6700.