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Violent Offenses

Violent offenses are among the most serious crimes that can be committed. If you have injured someone under any circumstance, you're going to need a skilled attorney at your side to help you defend for your rights. Listed below are some of the violent offenses attorney Williams can help assist you with.

What is a Violent Crime?

Violent crimes can include any situation where one individual intentionally injures another, including sexual assaults, bar fights, battery, domestic violence and murder, among others. If you are charged with any sort of violent crime your freedom and your reputation are on the line. This is why you're going to need an experienced attorney at your side to make sure everything possible is being done to keep your reputation clear. We can defend you for all types of violent crimes, but listed below are some of the most common cases we handle:
• Assault & Battery
• Murder
• Kidnapping
• Robbery
• Arson
• Child Abuse

None of these issues should be taken lightly, and you need to speak with an attorney right now. Contact Williams for a free consultation.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are a very serious offense, and can have serious consequences on your future. They are generally divided into two kinds of assault: "Sex Crimes with Children" and "Adult Sex Crimes".

Sex crimes against a child can include:
• Child molestation
• Unlawful sexual activity
• Luring or enticing a child
• Lewd acts
• Lewd contact
• Fondling
• Lewd act in the presence of a minor
• Exposing sexual organs to a minor
• Incest
• Sexual battery
• Child pornography
• Sex trafficking
• Solicitation

Adult sex crimes can include:
• Voyeurism
• Prostitution
• Solicitation
• Sexual Assault
• Sexual Battery (rape)

Additionally, there are many different types of sexual battery. These can include sexual battery on the: mentally defective, mentally incapacitated and physically defective. If you have committed or are being accused of a sex crime, you need an experienced attorney to represent you. Allegations of sex crimes are taken very seriously in Florida, and all other states. You don't want to find yourself grouped into the life-long registry of sex offenders. Before your reputation is devastated forever, contact skilled attorney Williams for your free legal evaluation.


Are you being accused of stalking? It could just be a misunderstanding that's gotten out of control, and that's why you need an attorney experienced with stalking and aggravated stalking cases to defend your rights.

In the state of Florida, stalking is considered to be a first degree misdemeanor and can end up getting you in jail for a year. It can also result in fines ranging up to $1,000. If the stalking charges include "credible threat of death or injury" to the victim, the penalties are more severe, possibly resulting in 5 years in a state prison and fines up to $5,000. Furthermore, in certain cases a restraining order may be placed on you, which means you must stay a certain distance from the victim at all times.

Attorney Williams can help you contest restraining orders and defend you from stalking charges. Contact him now to get your free legal evaluation.

Aggravated Assault

An aggravated assault is a serious type of threat that is usually made using a deadly weapon with the intent to rape, maim or murder. It's important to note that not all jurisdictions actually use the term "aggravated assault" but for the most part, assault with a firearm (as opposed to a stick or fist) will always have more severe consequences. Even if no injury is inflicted on the victim, it is still considered a crime, so you need to speak with an attorney now about how best to defend your rights.

Weapons Offense

In Florida, many weapons offenses are considered felonies and can easily result in large fines and jail time. Even just the possession of a concealed weapon is considered a crime (misdemeanor), but the use of a deadly weapon is always considered a felony. This is why you're going to need solid representation from a skilled and experienced weapons offense attorney.

There are many different types of weapons charges. Some of the more common cases Williams handles can include:
• Carrying a concealed firearm
• Selling and delivering firearms
• Illegal possession
• Manufacturing firearms
• Discharging a firearm in public
• Brandishing a firearm
• False bomb threats
• Juvenile weapons offenses

If you or a loved one has been accused or arrested for any kind of weapons offense, you need experienced representation because the very quality of your future hangs in the balance. Use your right to remain silent until an attorney is at your side to help you through this difficult time in your life. Contact Williams now.

Concealed Firearm

By definition, a firearm is considered "concealed" if it is hidden from the sight of another person. This can mean it is hidden in a pocket, belt, jacket, or under any type of clothing. It is also considered to be concealed if it is in a purse or bag carried by the individual.

Concealed weapon charges are serious, and can result in convictions lasting 5 years and fines over $5,000. However, there are certain circumstances where an individual can legally carry a firearm, including if an individual has a license for the weapon. Furthermore, the laws do not apply to self-defense devices, which can include stun guns or pepper spray.

If you or a loved one is being charges with or has been arrested for concealed firearm charges, you need an attorney that can defend your rights. Contact lawyers Douglas Williams for a free consultation about your criminal case, and we will help you avoid a conviction if possible, and utilize the law to work in your favor.

None of the above information is meant as legal advice, and is provided for informational purposes only. Please contact an attorney if you need advice or assistance with your legal difficulties.

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