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Drug Offenses

When you hire the legal assistance of Douglas Williams to handle your drug offense, you hire a lawyer with decades of experience. He has a diverse range of expertise in all areas of drug law, from first-time drug possession charges to criminal drug selling and manufacturing. Facing criminal drug charges is an extremely stressful process, and you need a compassionate, diligent attorney working with you to ensure your rights are being protected.


Drug Crimes

Our attorneys defend clients with drug charges in both state and federal court, working to prove your innocence, or minimize your sentence when possible. Contact us if you have been arrested and charged with the following:
• Drug possession, including possession of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, oxycontin, narcotics, or illegal possession of prescription drugs.
• Drug possession with intention of distribution, including possession of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, oxycontin, or illegal possession of prescription drugs.
• Possession of drug paraphernalia, usually linked to drug possession. The possession of the paraphernalia is usually proved by circumstantial evidence, proximity to the defendant, and statements made by the suspected owner. Proving possession of drug paraphernalia can be extremely fluid, and you can have the charges thrown out with the right legal defense.
• Drug manufacturing, including manufacturing of methamphetamines and other synthetic drugs.

Williams posses considerable amounts of experience in drug crime defense, and has helped many clients walk free from their drug charges. Even seemingly negligible first-time possession charges of a small amount of marijuana can result in a mandatory 2-year driver's license suspension. Your drug possession requires an attorney who will help you minimize your fines and later expunge the conviction from your record. Call Williams toll-free and we can start building a solid case for you as soon as possible-- 866-258-6700.

Criminal Enterprises

As defined by the FBI, a "criminal enterprise" is a group of individuals with an organized "hierarchy" who engage in significant criminal activity. These types of organizations can be very large, complex and may participate in many different types of criminal activities.

Being involved with a criminal enterprise is considered to be a very serious offense. If you are being accused or have been arrested for being involved with a criminal enterprise you need to seek aggressive legal representation immediately. You could be facing a number of years in prison, so you need to act quickly and secure some solid representation now.

Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking is a federal crime that includes the sale, delivery and manufacturing of drugs. The seriousness of the crime, as well as a previous record, could determine whether a guilty party is sentenced a mandatory minimum sentence of five years to maximum life in prison. One factor, for instance, is if the drugs were sold, delivered, or manufactured within close proximity to a school or place of worship. Drug manufacturing within 1,000 feet of either can result in a minimum mandatory three years in state federal prison. In addition, a guilty drug trafficking conviction could lead to a driver's license revocation and possible deportation.

A guilty drug conviction could follow you for the rest of your life. Even a comparatively small possession drug charge could deprive you of the ability to drive or land you in jail. When your basic liberties are at stake, you need the absolute best representation. Contact the office of attorney Douglas Williams with the confidence that he will fight for your freedom as if it were his own. Call 386-290-0622 for a preliminary drug offense consultation.

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