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Standing Up Against Women's Violence Involving Citizen/Noncitizen Marriages

Volusia County Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Attorney

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U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents hold significant power over their noncitizen spouses. In the wrong hands, this power can be used to control, intimidate and abuse. The U.S. government enacted the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) to give noncitizen spouses facing domestic violence the legal means of attaining immigration status.

If you are seeking legal protections under VAWA, it is important to consult with an experienced immigration law attorney. Williams Legal has extensive experience handling VAWA issues for clients in Daytona Beach and throughout Florida. We can help you understand your rights and be the strong advocate you need at this time.

To obtain a VAWA green card, incidents of domestic violence should be documented. Obtaining a police report of abuse or assault against you will help. Call (386) 277-1166 or contact us online to speak with a VAWA lawyer in DeLand.

Who Does VAWA Protect?

VAWA protects noncitizens facing domestic violence by their U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouses. Even though the name VAWA stands for Violence Against Women Act, the law also provides protection to abused men. Not only does VAWA apply in cases involving physical violence, but it also protects those subjected to other types of cruelty such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse, social isolation, and economic control.

If you are filing a self-petition for a VAWA green card, we can assist you with all of the paperwork and legal details. If you are facing deportation and wish to use VAWA rules to fight removal, he can provide you with the strong advocacy you need in immigration court.

Whatever your immigration law needs, our lawyer is prepared to help.

Immigration law is complex, and should be handled by attorneys who are knowledgeable in VAWA and other immigration statutes. Contact our immigration attorney in DeLand, FL today by dialing (386) 277-1166.

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