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Divorce or the dissolution of marriage is legally, financially, and psychologically challenging. You are officially separating your life from someone you may have thought would be your life partner, and you can only hope this process will take as little time as possible. Unfortunately, many couples cannot agree on terms without professional assistance, and some individuals lose more than their fair share of assets after an unfair trial.

Dissolution of marriage Lawyers You can Trust

At Williams Legal, we are ready to stand by your side during this difficult time. We can guide you every step of the way and help you gain a thorough understanding of the divorce process. Preparation is key in all legal matters, and divorce is no exception. Our goal is to avoid litigation unless absolutely necessary, but we will not hesitate to fight for your best interests in a court of law.

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How Long Does Dissolution of Marriage Take?

In Florida, divorce is called a dissolution of marriage. How long the process takes depends on the type of dissolution you file and whether it is contested (i.e. you and your ex-partner/co-parent cannot come to an agreement outside of court).

Fortunately, many divorces only take a few months to complete, particularly because no-fault divorce became legal in all fifty states by 2010. As such, a couple can divorce even if no one was directly at fault.

Who Can File For DivorcE?

Either spouse can file for divorce, so long as:

  • The marriage is legally valid;
  • At least one spouse has been a Florida resident for six or more months before filing; and
  • The marriage is irretrievably broken.

Types of Dissolution in Florida

In Florida, you will either file a Regular Dissolution of Marriage or a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. In a Regular Dissolution of Marriage, both individuals have the right to examine and cross-examine each other. They also must disclose all financial information. Simplified Dissolutions of Marriage are much more efficient and cost-effective because they skip many of the formal procedures in a Regular Dissolution of Marriage.

How to Qualify for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage

To qualify for a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage, you must meet ALL the following requirements:

  • Both of you agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken
  • Both of you agree to file a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage
  • Both of you agree on all property and debt divisions
  • Neither of you is pregnant, and you have no dependent or minor children together
  • Neither of you is seeking alimony
  • At least one of you has been a Florida resident for the last six months

Do You Need an Attorney for Your Divorce?

Many people attempt to go through this process alone, believing they and their ex-partner/co-parent can amicably work toward an agreement. They don’t believe they need a thorough understanding of family law to overcome the legal and financial hurdles of divorce.

If you retain the counsel of our family law attorney at Williams Legal, however, you will have a much greater likelihood of walking away with the arrangement you need. The Florida Bar, in fact, recommends retaining qualified counsel during a dissolution of marriage, no matter how well you and your ex-partner/co-parent can negotiate terms.

During the dissolution process, Williams Legal can help you achieve a fair outcome regarding:

Choosing the Right Divorce Attorneys in DeLand, FL

Without professional support, your dissolution of marriage may have lasting financial and legal ramifications. This is your opportunity to become fully independent and build the foundations you need for a better future—let us help you accomplish this goal.

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